Work in Progress

Dollarization after inflation stabilization and the distributional effects of de-dollarization strategies (Job Market Paper). Presented at the 59th Annual Conference of the Missouri Valley Association, the Central Bank of Peru, and the Central Bank of Uruguay. Accepted at the LACEA LAMES 2022 Annual Meeting.

Fear of inflation, deposit dollarization, and insurance in emerging markets.

Economic and Political Literacy and Inflation Expectations Formation: A Survey Experiment (with Gail Buttorff, Maria Perez Arguelles, Pablo Pinto, Savannah Sipole, Agustín Vallejo, and M. C. Sunny Wong).

Inflation targeting and FX interventions: daily monetary policy implementation when the exchange rate matters (with L. Butrón and C. Ramírez). Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Peruvian Economics Association and the Annual Meeting of the Central Bank of Peru.

The Effectiveness of Exchange-Rate Interventions in an Inflation Targeting Framework: the Peruvian Case. Presented at the 18th Annual Meeting of the Latin America and Caribean Economic Association (LACEA) and in the XLVII Annual Meeting of the Argentinean Association of Political Economics (AAEP).